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Wood Processing & Energy

Woodworking companies operate in a competitive reality where well-executed and productive plants are conditions for high profitability and a good environment.
Project development

With ideas founded in practical experience from a wide range of realized project, technical/economic studies, and day-to-day operation of wood processing plants, we take on every task with the intention to surpass our customers’ expectations.

We know how to do this!

Industry planning

To plan an industry, or a part thereof, every process step has to be carefully analysed, dimensioned and designed, not only for the coming production, but also for the installation, service, maintenance, logistics and, not at least, to prepare for a good and safe work-environment and a greener future.

We know how to achieve this!


During the tender process we coordinate all offers, primarily from the suppliers we represent, and present a complete package of offers to our customer. We also take part of the purchasing procedure and the execution of the project from first idea to installation, start-up, and until the delivery is fully accepted by our customer.

We know how to satisfy our customers!

Wood Force

About Us

At Wood Force, we have extensive experience in planning, project development and production in the timber industry and, in collaboration with the customer, takes everything from idea to finished proposal for individual plants or entire industries. We are involved in the entire process from procurement to approved delivery.