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About Us

At Wood Force, we have extensive experience in planning, project development and production in the timber industry and, in collaboration with the customer, takes everything from idea to finished proposal for individual plants or entire industries. We are involved in the entire process from procurement to approved delivery.

Jan Walldén

The companies we now represent as agents are carefully selected and enable us to offer our customers complete facilities or entire industries with high quality and guaranteed production levels. Our work is based on careful analysis of the entire chain from felling to delivery of finished products.

Johan Dunbäck

With background from various roles at several companies in the sawmill industry since 1997, I have since 2010 been active in industrial forestry projects, biofuel projects and sawmill projects in Eastern Europe.

My experience developing and running projects all the way from idea, through design and construction, to installation and commissioning makes WoodForce a reliable partner to support our clients’ project development and business development.

Feel free to contact me with your ideas and questions!

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